5 Tips & Tricks for Growing Tomatoes in a Container

Used in salads, sauces, and stews, tomatoes are among the most popular summer vegetables to grow. Although it may be challenging to grow tomatoes in a pot if you live in an urban setting or you just don’t have in-ground garden space or just prefer using a pot, there is hope for healthy tomatoes in a container. Just follow the following 5 tips and tricks:

1. Select the right container

The container should be at least 1 Ft because you need something big enough to hold enough soil to provide nutrients for your plants. You also need a big enough container so that when planting the tomato seedling, you can dig a hole deep enough to bury the plant.  Burying the seedling deeply, about half deep in the soil will encourage root growth. Make sure the selected pot has excellent drainage. Add more holes if it has only a single drainage hole

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2. Consistently water the plant

Tomato plants require constant watering, so keep the soil consistently moist. However, do not saturate the soil which could cause the roots to rot. For best practice, push your finger down into the potting mix about an inch or two and if it feels dry, then water the soil. Water in the morning to allow the plant to keep its moisture all day and the foliage to dry. You may need to water the plants twice a day during the heat of the summer or every two days depending on the temperatures and the soil.

3. Add Fertilizers

Tomatoes require regular fertilization since they are heavy feeders. It is important to start with a premium quality potting soil keeping in mind that many potting mixes come with a small amount of fertilizer that only lasts a few weeks. So your tomato plants should be fed every 2 weeks, preferably with a tomato-specific fertilizer.

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4. Add Plant Support

Don’t wait for the plant to grow before adding a support so as not to disturb their growth. Insert a support such as a trellis, a tomato cage, or a tall stake, when you first plant your seedlings.

5. Full Sun

Tomato plants love the sun and require full sun in order to produce healthy fruits. They should be placed in a location that provides at least 6 to 8 hours of sun per day.


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